Before you hit the road with the family for a vacation, it might be wise to spend a little prep time to tune up your car insurance for summer.

Just like you prepare for a road trip by paying attention to your car’s mechanicals and overall condition, it’s also important to make sure you’ve got proper insurance coverage for what may go wrong while you’re on that trip.

The Hanover Insurance Group, as reported in Insurance News Net, recently outlined some pointers that are easy enough to use.

1. Enlist advice from an independent agent. You can’t be expected to know all the answers. Save time and aggravation by talking with a local, independent agent. It may be the agent will suggest you add Roadside Assistance to your policy to cover your summer vacation trip by car. If your family travels frequently, you could use trip interruption insurance. And don’t forget that rental car coverage can really save you if your car is damaged while you’re on your trip and you need wheels. Why worry? Talk with an independent agent and have your needs covered.

2. Check your policy limits. Don’t just automatically renew your auto insurance policy without checking your coverage limits. Your family’s needs and lifestyle may have changed considerably. With today’s legal climate, you want to ensure your family is protected against liability claims in the event of an accident. This is all the more reason to tune up your car insurance for summer … or anytime.

3. Cover recreational vehicles. Maybe you’ve added a boat, trailer, golf cart, Jet Ski or all-terrain vehicle to your household – and you’ll be taking it on your trip. Consider adding any and all recreational vehicles to your policy for the summer. It may be the best summer vacation investment you make.

4. See if an “Umbrella” policy might be right. Liability claims from at-fault accidents can easily become catastrophic and catapult your family’s finances into bankruptcy. You may wish to opt for a $1 or $2 million umbrella policy. This will provide an additional layer of coverage against significant legal judgments far exceeding what’s covered under your standard automobile insurance policy.

By taking care of your insurance coverage before you head out on your trip with the family this summer, you’ll be giving yourself – and your loved ones – the assurance that should anything happen, you’ll have adequate protection.

Tune up your car insurance for summer. Then you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your family vacation – like you’re supposed to.

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