When it comes to the most popular car colors, the answer is literally black or white, according to a recent analysis by iSeeCars.com. The study examined over 8.2 million used cars to determine the most popular car color in each state. 

Here are America’s most popular car colors in each state:

Most Popular Car Colors By State
State Most Popular Color Market Share
Alabama White 28.4%
Alaska White 22.0%
Arizona White 30.9%
Arkansas White 26.8%
California White 30.6%
Colorado White 26.2%
Connecticut White 24.5%
Delaware White 24.3%
Florida White 27.9%
Georgia White 27.4%
Hawaii White 29.1%
Idaho White 29.7%
Illinois Black 24.6%
Indiana White 23.6%
Iowa White 26.9%
Kansas White 27.1%
Kentucky White 26.1%
Louisiana White 29.4%
Maine Black 21.8%
Maryland White 24.0%
Massachusetts White 24.3%
Michigan Black 24.0%
Minnesota White 24.9%
Mississippi White 30.4%
Missouri White 25.7%
Montana White 28.2%
Nebraska White 26.5%
Nevada White 28.1%
New Hampshire White 28.0%
New Jersey White 26.2%
New Mexico White 27.7%
New York White 23.8%
North Carolina White 27.3%
North Dakota White 25.4%
Ohio Black 23.2%
Oklahoma White 27.2%
Oregon White 26.7%
Pennsylvania White 23.9%
Rhode Island White 25.4%
South Carolina White 27.1%
South Dakota White 25.5%
Tennessee White 26.4%
Texas White 27.6%
Utah White 30.3%
Vermont White 21.4%
Virginia White 24.4%
Washington White 26.2%
West Virginia White 24.1%
Wisconsin Black 24.2%
Wyoming White 28.5%


White is the overwhelmingly most popular car color in 45 of 50 states, while black is the most popular in the remaining five. 


Most Popular Non Grayscale Car Colors by State


iSeeCars also examined the most popular car colors by state excluding grayscale colors, which include white, black, gray, and silver.


Most Popular Non Grayscale Car Colors By State
State Most Popular Non Gray-Sclae Color Market Share
Alabama Blue 7.8%
Alaska Blue 13.2%
Arizona Blue 8.9%
Arkansas Red 9.0%
California Blue 8.2%
Colorado Blue 10.2%
Connecticut Blue 11.3%
Delaware Blue 11.8%
Florida Blue 9.6%
Georgia Blue 8.5%
Hawaii Blue 8.2%
Idaho Blue 9.3%
Illinois Blue 10.1%
Indiana Blue 10.4%
Iowa Red 10.4%
Kansas Blue 9.7%
Kentucky Blue 9.2%
Louisiana Blue 7.7%
Maine Blue 11.4%
Maryland Blue 11.1%
Massachusetts Blue 10.6%
Michigan Blue 11.1%
Minnesota Blue 10.0%
Mississippi Red 7.1%
Missouri Blue 9.6%
Montana Blue 9.9%
Nebraska Red 10.5%
Nevada Blue 9.3%
New Hampshire Blue 10.7%
New Jersey Blue 10.0%
New Mexico Blue 9.6%
New York Blue 11.0%
North Carolina Blue 9.2%
North Dakota Red 10.7%
Ohio Blue 10.6%
Oklahoma Red 8.7%
Oregon Blue 9.5%
Pennsylvania Blue 11.4%
Rhode Island Blue 10.6%
South Carolina Blue 9.0%
South Dakota Red 10.4%
Tennessee Blue 8.8%
Texas Blue 8.8%
Utah Blue 8.4%
Vermont Blue 11.9%
Virginia Blue 11.0%
Washington Blue 9.9%
West Virginia Red 11.0%
Wisconsin Blue 10.8%
Wyoming Blue 9.8%

For non-grayscale colors, blue emerges as the favorite, topping the list in 42 most states, with red as the favorite color in the remaining eight.  

Whether you’re looking for a classic white or a vibrant blue, understanding these trends can help guide your next car purchase to match popular preferences and stand out on the road.

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iSeeCars analyzed over 8.2 million 1- to 5-year-old used cars sold in June 2023 to June 2024. Within each U.S. state. The market share of each car color was tallied and used to rank the most popular car colors.


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