In the first blog post, we described that iSeeCars is a search engine for cars for sale or used car classified listings and talked a little bit about why it offers a unique value proposition. In this post, we’d like to elaborate upon some of the unique differentiation.

  • iSeeCars searches thousands of car websites across the Internet all at once so you don’t have to (and we’re continually crawling new ones)
  • The car listings results are automatically sorted by “deal potential” according to the extent a certain car might be a potential deal based on a variety of factors such as market price comparison and what we can gather from the listing description regarding things like whether it has a warranty, # of owners the car has had, is it a non-smoker’s car, car history, and other factors (While being able to search and see a lot of listings is great, sometimes too many search results may be overwhelming so we thought it would also be helpful to rank the search results similar to the idea of Google ranking)
  • Users can get a quick snapshot summary of a car listing using “Listing Insight” which summarizes in a structured format the key information found in the listing description such as warranty, car history, ownership, etc (the idea was save users time by not having to drill down into the listing description for every listing)
  • Users can compare the car listings and sort/filter by key features like moving sale, etc (going under the assumption users like to shop for deals, we created a special filter to look for car listings where sellers are moving)
  • Users can also compare prices across similar cars for each listing so you can see if there is a better deal (so if you’re looking at a 2006 Honda Accord EX listing with 20K miles and asking price of $18K, you probably would also be curious to know if there are other cars with same make, model, year and similar mileage and how much they’re going for so you can see if there’s a better deal from another seller)
  • As you can see, iSeeCars does a lot of the work for you so you don’t have to. what’s even better is that it’s free to use.

These are some of the examples. We have other ideas that we look to implement to help users even more in their search for a car.

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