Spending extra money on a luxury car doesn’t mean you have to spend extra money at the gas pump. We’ve crunched the fuel economy numbers on luxury brands from Acura to Volvo to rank the most fuel efficient luxury cars by their EPA-estimated numbers. Most of these models are luxury sedans, but we’ve included sports cars, convertibles, and wagon body styles in our rankings. You can also check out our rankings for the best gas mileage luxury SUVs and crossovers.
As with all luxury vehicles, larger models with higher horsepower and turbocharged engines, and featuring all-wheel drive technology, will have lower fuel efficiency than smaller, front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles with low-power four-cylinder engines.

The best cars for saving fuel utilize plug-in hybrid powertrains, featuring an electric motor and grid-rechargeable battery, to reduce the engine’s fuel consumption. Often referred to as PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles), they can travel between 10 and 60 miles on pure electricity before the internal combustion engine comes on, giving them electric-car-like zero emissions for short distance driving/commuter needs. But PHEVs also have a higher starting price than traditional gasoline or non-plug-in hybrids, and they require regular re-charging from the electric grid to deliver their electric range.

Non-plug-in hybrids feature a smaller battery pack that is recharged automatically as the vehicle is driven. Luxury cars with these more mild hybrid systems cost less than PHEVs, and while they can’t travel on electric power alone, they still deliver impressive fuel efficiency, with most achieving over 30 mpg are more than one topping 40 mpg.

The smallest and least-expensive entry-level luxury cars won’t feature hybrid technology, but they still achieve around 30 mpg while providing all the standard safety features and infotainment system technology luxury brands are known for. New car shoppers on a budget can find a roomy luxury sedan or wagon, many with AWD and adaptive suspension technology, for between $35,000 and $45,000.

See below for how each segment of luxury cars rank from best-to-worst gas mileage.

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